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Whole School Evaluation

In November 2015 the school underwent a Whole School Evaluation conducted by the Department of Education and Skills Inspectorate. The report the Inspectorate published is now available on the Department of Education website.


The Inspectorate report was extremely positive and many aspects of school life received high praise.
Amongst the findings were,

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Pupil Achievement

“The overall quality of teaching, learning and pupil achievement is commended”
“Pupils engaged enthusiastically, they listened well and were eager to share their learning”
“The overall quality of teaching and learning in Irish is good”
“In English, teaching, learning and pupil achievement is of a high quality”
“The school is commended on the commitment of all teachers to improve reading”
“A very effective systematic and strategic whole-school differentiated approach to the teaching of reading is well embedded”
“Pupils display an enthusiasm for reading and read confidently at their instructional level”
“Teaching, learning and pupil achievement in Mathematics is good”
” Emphasis is placed on the teaching of mathematical language and pupils are confident in using the correct terminology”
” Pupils demonstrate good knowledge of basic number facts and competency in number operations”
“The overall quality of assessment is very good”
“A wide range of screening, diagnostic
and standardised tests to establish pupils’ learning needs is used. Pre-intervention and post-intervention assessment practices are used effectively”

Quality of Support for Pupils

“Support for pupils with special educational needs and additional learning needs is excellent”
“An adaptive holistic and pupil-centered model comprising a careful balance of in-class support and withdrawal of pupils is developed, implemented and co-ordinated very effectively”
“Pupils were challenged, displayed high levels of sustained engagement and related very well to their lessons”
“The quality of support for pupils’ well-being is very good”
“The holistic development of pupils is nurtured through a wide range of learning experiences. This is characterised by a clear focus on self-esteem, participation in various programmes and significant involvement in sporting events”
“A strong emphasis on the inclusion of all pupils is evident”

Quality of School Management

“The quality of the work of the board of management is commended. The board is committed to the continuous development of the school and conscientiously works on providing an inclusive education for all pupils”
“All teachers agree that there is a good atmosphere in the school and that the school is well run”
“The principal places significant emphasis on pastoral care and nurturing an affirming and inclusive school environment”
“Classrooms and corridors are attractively presented with colourful displays of the pupils’ work”
“Teaching resources are carefully selected, maintained and utilised to enhance lessons”
“The management of pupils is very good. There is a whole-school approach to implementing the schools’ code of behaviour and the pupils are responding very well to this”
“Almost all pupils feel safe in their class and like their school”
“Effective communication channels between home and school have been established to ensure parents are well-informed about the school and their children’s progress”
“Parents are happy with the school”