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Highlights from our time in 5th class 2016/17

Posted by: Ms. McGeown | July 1, 2017 Comments Off on Highlights from our time in 5th class 2016/17 |

Early in 5th class we entered a competition with South Dublin County Libraries. We designed bookmarks based on our favourite books and characters. Out of all the schools that took part the winner was a girl from our class!  Her bookmark was made available in Lucan library and we all got a bookmark to keep.

In December the senior end of the school collaborated to perform a Christmas concert. We sang “The 12 Days  of Christmas “ and “Silent Night Rap”. All our parents and siblings came to watch us perform.

On the countdown to St. Patrick’s Day, we learned the dance the “Walls of Limerick”  and  drew Comic Strips of the story of St. Patrick. On the Friday we had a whole school parade and we really enjoyed the day!

In March we took part in the Write a Book competition. Everyone in the class wrote and illustrated their own book. The books were sent to 6th class in Mount Sackville to choose the winners. The two winners from our class attended a ceremony in Dublin West Education Centre.

In March we had Intercultural Day and Irish Week. They were celebrated at the same time this year. The Intercultural show this year showed us a mix of not only other cultures, but lots about the Irish culture too. We made an extra effort during Irish week to speak more Irish.

This year lots of students from 5th class represented our school in Santry. They completed many different events such as the high jump, hurdles, 600m run and the long jump which resulted in lots of medals! 

In May during Active Week we did lots of different activities. Our favourite was a skipping lesson and we learned lots of different games we could play with skipping ropes. We learnt a whole class game called Figure of Eight. One group got to perform the game in front of the whole school. We also had a Zumba/Pound lesson. An instructor came into the school and showed us how to dance and use ‘Pound Sticks’. We also had a dance off.

In April we went to Tallaght Leisure Centre for swimming lessons. We had a great six weeks learning how to swim.

Our class had a basketball tournament during P.E this year. We were split up into 6 teams and played loads of games and had lots of fun.

On the 22nd of June we went to Funtaisia for our school tour. We had so much fun in the water park. Then we dried off and got changed and went to the bowling alley. We ate our lunch and played in groups. It was a great day.

On the 27th of June, we had Teach the Teacher Day. We got into groups and we had to teach a lesson to our teacher and the rest of the class. We made a lesson plan where we had to record the materials needed, the steps we had to take to teach the lesson and who was doing what when the group was teaching the class. We taught things such as baking, GAA rules, mind reading, how to make fortune tellers, how to make pancakes, how to do a dance and we even learnt how to count to ten in Lithuanian! Our teacher was so impressed with all our lessons.

Finally, a big congratulations to a boy from our class whose design was chosen to appear on the front of an invitation that we will be sending to various guests to invite them to help us celebrate our school is 10 years old.

So these are just some of our highlights from our time in 5th class. We had such a fun and memorable year. From all of us and our teacher we would like to wish all the children, parents and staff in our school a very enjoyable summer holiday. We will see you in September!:-)

Cian, Joseph and Zoe

Here are some photos of our highlights….


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Our School Tour to Newgrange Farm

Posted by: Ms. Cox | June 22, 2017 Comments Off on Our School Tour to Newgrange Farm |

Junior Infants had so much fun at Newgrange Farm!

We held baby chicks.


We held a very cute puppy called Rosie.

We also fed the baby lambs some milk.

We saw pigs, cows, horses, rabbits and goats.

We went on a tractor ride and learned all about the crops. We even saw Goldilock’s house and a leprechaun’s house on our ride around the farm!

We loved playing in the sand and water area and going on the toy tractors.

Finally we had a picnic in the lovely sunshine!


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Lucan District Credit Union Handwriting Competition

Posted by: Ms Malone | June 16, 2017 Comments Off on Lucan District Credit Union Handwriting Competition |

One of our fourth class students received a highly commended certificate in the Lucan District Credit Union Handwriting Competition. Well done! 

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Posted by: emoroney8478 | March 16, 2017 Comments Off on Happy St. Patrick’s Day! |

We had great fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in school today. The Junior and Senior Classes each put on an Irish concert in the hall.

Here are some photos from the Junior Ceolchoirm (concert). Have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day! Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit!

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Space Project by 4th Class

Posted by: Ms Malone | March 9, 2017 Comments Off on Space Project by 4th Class |

We learned all about space here in 4th class. We created a project on the topic. Did you know that Venus is hotter than Mercury? Or that the youngest person to go to space was 25 years old? We used our creative ideas to make planets using paper mache. Some groups used a stick to allow their solar system to spin. Others used extra masking tape for support. I loved learning about space. 

By Esther

Take a look at the children’s work in the pictures below.

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Our visit from Guss O’Connell

Posted by: Ms. McGeown | February 10, 2017 Comments Off on Our visit from Guss O’Connell |

Guss’O Connell, the Mayor of South Dublin County Council came to visit our school on 03/02/17. He is from Clare but lives in Palmerstown [Dublin]. He has been elected for one year and has been in government for twenty years. He told us about his chain. It has twenty four names on it as there has been twenty four mayors of South Dublin. He lived in Nigeria  and has also visited countries such as South Africa and Ethiopia. He has met American presidents such as JFK and Barack Obama. He explained how the government are planning to keep building and improving the Adamstown area.

By Cian O’Driscoll 5th class

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Chinese New Year

Posted by: Ms. Cox | February 3, 2017 Comments Off on Chinese New Year |

Junior Infants have been celebrating the Chinese New Year.

We watched videos of Chinese Dragon and Lion Dancing. We read a story about the Chinese New Year and learned about the celebration and its traditions.

We made our own Chinese Lanterns.

We made Chinese Dragons.

We danced to Chinese music and had our very own celebration in class.

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Muse Academy After School Club

Posted by: Ms Malone | February 2, 2017 Comments Off on Muse Academy After School Club |

A number of boys and girls in our school attend Muse Academy here in St. John’s. The lessons take place in the school on Thursdays at 3:45pm. The children get great opportunities as part of this Speech and Drama group. Children from the school were filmed for a programme on RTE Junior, performed on stage, completed Royal Irish Academy Speech and Drama examinations and received certificates for a poetry competition. The photos below give an insight into some of the achievements of these children. If you would like any information on the Muse Academy please drop in to Amanda in the office.

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Quiz Team Success

Posted by: Ms Malone | January 30, 2017 Comments Off on Quiz Team Success |

Last Friday, our school took part in the Credit Union Schools Quiz. Three teams travelled to the Louis Fitzgerald to represent our school. Our senior teams came 2nd and 5th in the under 13 category and our junior team came 4th in the under 11 category. Congratulations to all involved.


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The School Garden

Posted by: emoroney8478 | December 2, 2016 Comments Off on The School Garden |

We’ve got a school garden and we’d like you to know about it!!

This year, some of the classes have been working hard in the school garden. We visit the garden on a Friday. So far we have weeded the flower beds, placed some tyres down to create new planting beds and we have planted some Spring bulbs.

We have lots of exciting plans for the garden as the year continues.

We also have a special visitor who visits us in the garden every Friday – Mr. Robin!! Do you have a robin in your garden?

Here are some pictures from our work in the garden at the beginning of the school year. Enjoy!

20161014_132700 20161014_132707 20161014_132725

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