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School will finish on Friday 29th June at 12 o’clock for summer holidays and will re-open as normal on Monday 3rd September. The school uniform will be on sale in the hall on Wednesday 15th August and Wednesday 22nd August from 2 pm until 4 pm.

The following are the teachers and classes for September 2018.

Junior Infants Ms Fitzmaurice
Senior Infants Ms Malone (previously Ms Coyles)
Senior Infants Mrs Dalton (previously Ms Keogh)
1st class Ms Robinson
1st class Ms Hickey (previously Mrs Carroll)
2nd class Mr Kindlon (previously Ms Cox)
2nd class Ms Coyle (previously Ms Fitzmaurice)
3rd class Mr Prior (previously Ms Moroney)
3rd class Ms Moroney (previously Mr Prior)
4th class Ms Healy (previously Ms Malone)
4th class Ms McDonald (previously Ms Robinson)
5th class Ms Keogh (previously Ms O’Mahony)
5th class Ms Cox (previously Mr Kindlon)
6th class Mr Carroll (previously Ms Bambricks)
6th class Mr Treanor (previously Mrs McGeown)
Support teachers: Mrs Tobin, Mrs McDonagh, Ms Walsh, Ms McSweeney, Ms Gildea, Ms McGeown, Ms Keogh, Ms Staines, Ms Brennan and Mrs Carroll.

All of the above is subject to change based on instructions from the Department of Education.
School will resume for all classes on Monday 3rd September.

Our annual “Cake sale ” took place last Friday. We are delighted to say that over €600 was raised. Some of the proceeds went to the charity “Team Elizabeth ” and we have decided to invest the remainder in purchasing a sound system for the school.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported our cake sale.


The school calendar is now on the Parents page.


We are now accepting enrolments for the Junior Infants who wish to attend in September 2018.
If you have any siblings of children currently attending our school the application process must still be followed and an application form submitted to the office. Closing date is Friday 1st Decemeber.


Our school is open 10 years this year and to mark this we will celebrate our 10th anniversary throughout the year. Lovely write-up in the Liffey Champion about our school.
The new lollipop lady is now on station road please use official crossings ONLY.


Can I please remind you that we support a Healthy Eating programme. Sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks etc. are not permitted. Also due to the large number of allergies in the school nuts in any form are prohibited.

Letters of attendance, social welfare letters or visa letters will be only be issued on Wednesdays ( and requests must be in before that day ) .

St. John the Evangelist N.S. is a co-educational, Catholic, Primary School which promotes the full and harmonious development of all children, including intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development.

In our school we are committed to the holistic development of all pupils, preparing them to reach their full potential and to play a full and active role in their community. Our school is an inclusive, multi cultural school that cherishes all children equally. We provide a safe and happy environment for all children. All our children have a right to an education which is appropriate to them as individuals. We endeavour to nurture each child to develop their full potential in an environment where they are valued.

We recognise the role of parents as the primary educators of their children. We recognise the value of strong home school relationships and are committed to the full development of these relationships.

We have a school staff who are committed to providing education of the highest standard to all children in our school. We aim for excellence in all aspects of school life.

Feel free to contact us!
E-Mail: office@stjohntheevangelistns.com.

Telephone: 01-6540358

Parents: Click on the above ‘Parent’s Noticeboard’ sign or here for the latest parental information. Class News can be accessed though the sidebars to your right. 🙂